DBFO – The implementation of the full range of services, from the idea and planning through the construction and funding and operating:

  • Design (Idea and planning)
  • Build (Construction and development)
  • Finance
  • Operate (Operation through our competent and experienced management)

Best in Parking & Real Estate AG disposes of location-specific know-how and satisfied clients in Austria and abroad.

The choice of location, efficient planning based on client needs connected with professional integration of all official authorities, an appealing architectural configuration of the building and surface in consideration with the natural environment are only a few basic points for a new parking…

Our projects are based on optimal planning with in-house specialists and reliable external partners.

Funding during implementation and operating stage is organised through the Best in Parking & Real Estate AG.

Client-friendly and cost-efficient operation is possible through forward-looking planning with state-of-the-art technology with highest safety-, environmental- and energy- efficiency standards.

Our slogan “Best in Parking” is our daily mission.

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